How can I inquire about rental space?

We would love to assist your interest in renting space from us. To do so, please visit our ‘Reserve Space’ page where you will find a “Rental Request Form” you may submit directly through our webpage. You may also choose to call or email us to inquire further about rental availability and pricing.

Are you a soccer, volleyball and basketball facility only?

No. We are a multi-sports complex with both field and hard court athletic space offerings. Our space can be used in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to: conventions/large scale events, Lacrosse, Pickleball, Futsal, Football, track, etc.

How much does it cost to rent space at your facility?

Pricing varies on the time of year, the time of day, and the purpose/nature of usage. We are committed to providing affordable space for our community and to providing young people who would not ordinarily have access to a world-class facility like ours, access to our facilities. If you have more questions about pricing, please contact us.

Can the volleyball nets/ basketball hoops be adjusted to accommodate different age groups?

Yes, but we ask that you would please contact a Reimagine Rec employee if anything needs to be adjusted. We would really appreciate it if you let us know in advance if adjustments need to be made, so we can have the facility ready for you when you arrive.

Can I store my stuff at the facility if we are coming back on a frequent basis?

Based on communications with Reimagine Recreations management, recurring groups or events may be able to keep items at the facility. Storage fee’s will apply.

Can we move the soccer equipment during our rental?

Yes, but we ask that you return the nets to the original spot you found them at the end of your rental.

Will the Reimagine Rec team cleanup for us after our rental?

No, part of your rental agreement is returning the facility exactly the way you found it (ie: re racking balls, picking up trash, returning soccer nets to their original location.

What time is open gym / Do you have open gym?

We do not have an open gym but we do offer drop in play. It is $10 per person, per hour.  We need an individual 18 or older at all times to be present. Any individuals younger than 18 need to have a waiver signed by their guardian. Our waiver is available online. 

How do I reserve space?

On our website, ReimagineRec.com, you can click our “Reservation Request Form” link. It is sent directly to our program manager and they will respond back to you as soon as possible. 

Do you have a gym membership?

We do not have a membership. The only sport we are directly involved in is pickle-ball – that is the only sport we have a membership associated with. Every other sport is organized through various AAU and Local clubs/organizations.  All of the information on the organizations that operate out of here can be found on our website on our “partners” link. 

Can I bring my own chair?

If you are attending an activity on the turf fields, you may bring your own chair.  If you are attending an activity in the Field House, out side chairs will NOT be permitted.   All areas of our facility have plenty of seating for spectators.

Pickleball questions?

How do I become a member, what do I get?  What are the rates? When is drop in play and how much does it cost? Are there lessons available?

Please visit our pickleball page.

Is there adequate parking for large events?

Yes, we have over 1,800 spots available on our campus.  This parking has covered events with over 5000 attendees.

What day is the volley shop open?

The volley shop hours vary, however the updated hours are available here.

Is the concessions stand open whenever the building is open? 

No, typically the concessions stand is only open during our large weekend events.  We have a snack and drink vending machine available 24/7.

If you have additional questions, please contact our offices at 248-515-7362